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Wellead Medical’s Ureteral Access Sheath: Pioneering Excellence in Urological Interventions

When it comes to endourological procedures, innovation drives progress. In this context, the Ureteral Access Sheath developed by Wellead Medical takes center stage. As a pioneering solution that prioritizes patient comfort and procedural efficacy, this hydrophilic coated shaft with a tapered tip has become a cornerstone in modern urology.

Navigating with Ease: Hydrophilic Coated Shaft

Efficiency and precision are at the heart of the Wellead Medical Access Sheath design. The hydrophilic coated shaft transforms the journey through the ureter, allowing for smoother navigation. This hydrophilic marvel minimizes friction, providing urologists with a remarkable tool to streamline procedures and enhance patient experiences.

Introducing Comfort: Tapered Tip

Urological procedures often demand delicate maneuvers. The Ureteral Access Sheath’s tapered tip addresses this need with finesse. Its ergonomic design ensures gentle and accurate introductions, contributing to reduced patient discomfort. Wellead Medical’s commitment to comfort shines through in this innovative feature.

Precision in Selection: Customizable Options

Every urological case is unique, and Wellead Medical recognizes this diversity. With a range of Ureteral Access Sheath sizes, urologists can tailor their approach to individual patient needs. The comprehensive size options, from 10 Fr to 14 Fr, provide a comprehensive solution that caters to various anatomies and procedural requirements.

Unveiling the Future: Innovation and Beyond

Wellead Medical’s pursuit of excellence doesn’t stop with the Ureteral Access Sheath. The company’s extensive portfolio of registered products in regulatory bodies such as FDA, CE, and more is a testament to its unwavering commitment to innovation. As the healthcare landscape evolves, Wellead is poised to continue revolutionizing urological interventions.


In the world of urological interventions, the Ureteral Access Sheath by Wellead Medical emerges as a beacon of innovation and patient-centric design. With its hydrophilic coated shaft, tapered tip, and diverse sizing options, this remarkable tool exemplifies the power of creative solutions in advancing medical procedures. Wellead’s legacy of excellence shines brightly through this groundbreaking contribution to modern urology.

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