What’s the difference between Karate and Kung Fu

There might be classes for both Karate and Kung Fu in Sydney. But which one should you choose? What’s the difference? Let’s find the difference!

First, karate is a particular form of martial arts, while kung fu can be used to refer to a study, skill or discipline. Kung fu is not a particular form of martial arts like karate. You’ll find kung fu as an umbrella term covering many styles when you search online. This includes:

  • Tai Chi
  • Wing Chun
  • Shaolin Kung Fu

While each style has its own techniques and philosophies they all fall under the umbrella of kung fu. Karate, on the other hand, is a particular style that has one philosophy and uses universal techniques.

The original meaning of the phrase is helpful to understand the differences. There are many interpretations of ‘kung fu’, including work, achievement, man, and more. It generally refers to a hard-earned achievement, which is usually the result of many hours of dedication and hard work. The term ‘karate’ is a type of martial art that means ’empty handed’.

Experts often state that kung fu is more circular than karate in terms of its movement. Karate is a system that requires you to shift your weight forward and backwards in order to defeat an opponent. Kung fu practitioners, on the other hand, move their weight in a sideways direction. Kung fu is also known for its circular movements, which can be said to give it a cleaner and more appealing appearance.

Karate’s movements are linear and aim to create momentum as you move towards your opponent. Kung fu can be used to defend and react to an opponent. Karate, however, is more offensive and considers attacking as the best defense.

Student Benefits

Kung fu has different techniques, philosophies and styles than karate. However, the various forms of kung fur have their own techniques and philosophies. However, students still reap the same physical and mental benefits despite these differences.

Both teach confidence, discipline and respect. Students are taught to respect others and maintain discipline, both in class and outside. Students learn practical skills as well by learning the techniques of karate or kung fu. Women and men both feel more confident about their lives knowing they have self-defence skills that can be used when necessary.

Choosing a Martial Art form

You can find many styles and combinations of . Some schools even combine kung fu, karate and meditation with other psychological activities. Four key areas are the hallmarks of the best schools and schools for adults:

  • Spirituality
  • Physicality
  • Mentality
  • Emotion

Instead of just kicking and punching, you will change your entire mindset about living. You will begin to notice a change in your strength, coordination, health, well-being, and overall outlook.

Watch some videos to see which style you prefer when choosing between karate and kung fu. They will naturally overlap, especially in the mental aspect. Kung fu can refer to many styles, while karate is a type of martial art. You will learn the correct karate style.

Both have many benefits, so why not start a school? Martial arts can also be beneficial for adults.

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