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Enhancing Diagnostics with Tianlong’s Panall 8000 All-in-one Molecular Diagnosis System

In the world of medical diagnostics, accuracy and efficiency are paramount. Healthcare professionals rely on cutting-edge technologies to provide accurate and timely results for better patient care. Tianlong, a pioneering in vitro diagnostic device manufacturer, has introduced the Panall 8000 All-in-one Molecular Diagnosis System, revolutionizing the field of molecular diagnostics. This state-of-the-art system offers a comprehensive solution to medical professionals, combining nucleic acid extraction, PCR thermal cycling, and real-time PCR detection in one powerful platform.


Unveiling the Panall 8000: A Comprehensive Molecular Diagnosis Solution

The Panall 8000 is a game-changer in the realm of in vitro diagnostic devices. Its all-in-one design streamlines the diagnostic process, saving valuable time and resources. With an intuitive interface and user-friendly features, healthcare professionals can easily navigate through the system, performing nucleic acid extraction, PCR setup, and real-time PCR detection seamlessly. The Panall 8000’s versatility allows it to be applied across various medical applications, making it an indispensable tool for modern healthcare facilities.

The Cutting-edge Technology Behind the Panall 8000

The Panall 8000 integrates cutting-edge technologies for precise and reliable outcomes. Advanced nucleic acid extraction methods reduce errors and contamination. Its rapid PCR thermal cycling and multiplexed nucleic acid detection enhance efficiency. With a sample-in-result-out design and intuitive 12.1-inch touchscreen, it accommodates up to 8 samples, eliminating the need for extra equipment. Channel options for fluorescence detection ensure comprehensive testing. Compact at 750mm x 350mm x 580mm and 75Kg, it’s adaptable and innovative for laboratory use.

Transforming Healthcare with Tianlong’s In Vitro Diagnostic Device

Tianlong’s Panall 8000 has garnered widespread acclaim for its contributions to healthcare. In clinical diagnostics, the system has proven instrumental in early disease detection, aiding healthcare professionals in providing timely and accurate diagnoses. During major epidemics, such as avian influenza, Ebola, and most recently, COVID-19, the Panall 8000 has played a crucial role in disease prevention and control, helping to mitigate the impact of these outbreaks.


Tianlong’s Panall 8000 All-in-one Molecular Diagnosis System has earned its reputation as an exceptional in vitro diagnostic device. With its cutting-edge technology, the system empowers healthcare professionals to deliver accurate and reliable results for patients worldwide. As Tianlong continues to push the boundaries of innovation, its commitment to excellence and comprehensive business coverage solidifies its position as a global leader in molecular diagnostics.

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