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How do you practice Vipassana Meditation

Meditation is a way to bring our earthly self closer to the almighty. This stronger force binds our soul and gives us hope. It also helps us to free ourselves from the bonds of the earthly strings. Vipassana is about seeing things as they are. The question is, then, what exactly is vipassana meditation?

Vipassana refers to the practice of paying attention to the sensations in the body and not reacting to them. The body’s sensations are observed and you can observe them. You can feel the pleasures and you can observe them.

Vipassana Meditation: How to Do It?

Vipassana, a silent retreat lasting ten days, is where you do not speak for ten consecutive days and where you can see the nature your mind.

Vipassana means to refrain from killing, stealing or engaging in any sexual activity, dishonesty or use of intoxicating substances.

It is important to remove all negative emotions and attachments from your mind. The meditation technique is most effective when a calm mind is present. It’s also important to fully engage in the tradition of this meditation technique.

The mediator must also abstain from any form of prayer, worship or healing, as well as religious ceremonies and rituals.

Vipassana Meditation Technique Means No Distractions:

Meditative practitioners must practice silence. This means that there should be no eye contact, body language or written communication. At all costs, avoid communication unless absolutely necessary. Separate the male and female spaces, and they both stay in their respective spaces.

Yoga, exercise and other activities such as reading, writing and music are also not allowed.

The Daily Schedule of Following Vipassana

The Vipassana schedule is simple but systematic. This is the schedule that you will be following after you wake up at 4 a.m.

Meditate. Breakfast. Meditate. Meditate. Lunch. Rest. Meditate. Meditate. Meditate. Take a break for tea. Meditate. Teacher’s discourse. At 9:30, meditate and go to sleep. Students are not allowed to move during the duration and time.

Students are not allowed to consume intoxicating substances as long as they are enrolled in the meditation program.

Vipassana is a successful practice that leads to success:

Vipassana allows you to experience a deep sense of self-observation that helps you avoid all the root causes of suffering and pleasures. You can let go of all forms of craving and lust.

The first three days are about learning how to master the dynamic nature reality through your breathing. From day 1 through 3, you will notice a change in your breath when you focus on the area under your nostrils.

The fourth day of the retreat is when you can start to understand Vipassana, as your body is already in a state calm.

You will begin to notice the sensations in your body and let them pass.

Vipassana, then, is all about you. You are able to see the true meaning of your life and experience. And until the tenth day, harmony and gratitude fill you with for all living things.

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