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Introducing the Stylish and Efficient Domestic Air Source Heat Pump by Shenling

Shenling, a trusted name in HVAC solutions, presents the domestic air source heat pump – a cutting-edge heating system designed for residential applications. With its R290 DC Inverter technology, aesthetic design, and advanced features, the Shenling Domestic Air Source Heat Pump offers both efficiency and elegance for your home.

Comfortable Design for a Modern Home

The Domestic Air Source Heat Pump by Shenling features an aesthetic design that combines simplicity with elegance. It supports dual temperature zone control, scheduling functions, and weekly/daily timer settings. This enhances user comfort and allows for personalized usage patterns.  Upgrade your home heating system with the stylish and sophisticated Domestic Air Source Heat Pump.

Easy Installation and Convenient Controls

Installing the Domestic Air Source Heat Pump is hassle-free, thanks to its installation backplane. It can be easily installed independently or be compatible with an 86 threading box for seamless integration into your existing setup. The heat pump also offers convenient control options through an intuitive mobile application. With the app control feature, you can effortlessly read and set temperatures, activate silent and holiday modes, and even remotely monitor your heat pump. The multi-language control ensures easy accessibility and user-friendly experience for all homeowners.


In conclusion, the Shenling Domestic Air Source Heat Pump is the perfect addition to your home heating system. With its R290 DC Inverter technology, it provides efficient heating while reducing energy consumption. The heat pump’s aesthetic design, obsidian black color, and 14mm ultra-thin profile add a touch of elegance to any living space. Furthermore, the easy installation process, intuitive mobile app control, and advanced features like dual temperature zone control and remote monitoring make it a convenient and user-friendly choice. Upgrade your home heating with the Shenling domestic air source heat pump and experience the perfect blend of efficiency and style.

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