Revolutionizing Patient Care: OEKAN Furniture’s Patient Record Trolley for Efficient Medical Record Management

With more than 13 years of experience as a top producer of medical furniture, OEKAN Furniture offers hospitals and healthcare organizations a one-stop shop. It has provided service to over 51,520 clients and exported goods to over 86 countries. Government agencies, contractors, hospitals, and clinics may count on OEKAN Furniture for unique solutions. Additionally, OEKAN Furniture aspires to provide the medical community with quality, reliable, and effective furniture solutions.

The medical trolleys, which also comprise the instrument trolley, the mayo trolley, the nursing trolley, and the patient record trolley, are one of the best-selling items from OEKAN Furniture.

A Closer Look at OEKAN’s Patient Record Trolley

OEKAN Furniture is proud to introduce its patient record trolley, a highly durable and sturdy medical trolley designed specifically for the safe transportation and storage of patient records in busy hospital environments. Made with stainless steel tubes, this medical trolley delivers high quality and sturdiness while providing sufficient storage space with its multiple drawers. The trolley’s braked castors ensure maximum safety during operation, making it ideal for busy hospital settings. OEKAN Furniture also offers customizability in terms of size and color, allowing you to tailor the patient record trolley to your specific needs.


With its smooth-rolling castors and versatile configurations, the patient record trolley from OEKAN Furniture provides an economical solution for hospitals with limited space. If you’re interested in OEKAN medical trolleys with drawers, don’t hesitate to contact it directly!

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