The Top 6 Things Everybody Should Know About Employment Law

Knowing as much about Employment Law as possible is important. It can help you to identify potential issues and protect you from them. There are many things that people don’t know about Employment Law, and they are important. Here are the facts.

If wages are not received on time, you can be subject to waiting-time penalties

Employers must pay all wages if you are fired or laid off. If you have quit the job and given the employer a three-day notice, you must be paid on the last working day. You can file a claim to late final pay depending on your situation or for bereavement leave.

The personnel file is available to you.

Many people believe that they cannot see their personnel files. You can view that file and that is what you should be focusing on. While many might believe this to be true, you can ask for the documents and verify the accuracy.

You may take up to 12 weeks unpaid medical leave

It is true that we are referring to unpaid medical leaves. This is something you need to remember. You must work at least 50 hours per year and have worked for the company for at least one year. You must also be able to sustain the condition for at least three days.

Employers cannot deduct money from your wages if you make a mistake

Employers might use this tactic to threaten their employees. They can’t do that unless you are able prove they were dishonest. This is difficult to prove so they should not deduct any money if you made a mistake.

You can pre-choose the worker’s compensation doctor

If your employer offers group health plans, you have the option to choose the doctor who will treat you. It is important to remember that there are many options available and not just one.

Any type of unsafe work is allowed to be refused

The labor code states that if you are made to perform unsafe work, you can refuse to do it. If the work is not in compliance with the labor code provisions, this applies.

Many employment laws are not well understood by many people. It is important to be aware of them as much as you can. There are many challenging situations that may arise and you should not rush. You can avoid legal problems by working with a lawyer expert.

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