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Tips for Wearing Heavy Earrings without Hurting Your Earlobe

Many people love long, intricate earrings that can cause earlobe pain. We all know that earrings are often purchased without considering their weight. While small studs and hoop earrings are acceptable, heavy earrings like dangles and chandeliers can cause irritation, particularly for those with sensitive skin. You might be able to wear your favorite earrings with minimal discomfort and damage by using some simple tricks. Here are some simple, yet effective ways to wear heavy earrings that won’t cause too much pain in your ears.

1. Use an invisible patch

Invisible patches can be used to pair heavy earrings with ease. You will feel less pain and your earlobes will be protected. You can buy these invisible tapes online or in shops. Simply cut a small piece of tape and glue it to your back piercing. This will reduce tension by spreading out the weight of your earrings to a wider area of your ear.

2. Use a numbing cream

A small tube of numbing cream is a must if you are prone to wearing large earrings. This ointment numbs skin around the piercings (ear piercing types), so earrings are barely noticeable. Ask your pharmacy for a numbing lotion. After wearing the earpiece for a few seconds, apply it. It is important to only use it once per ear.

3. Kan Ser

Although you cannot remove an earring’s excess weight, you can add a simple metal link to give it additional support. Kan Ser, also called ear Ser, can be attached to existing earrings. Because it is so elaborate, the Kan Ser is often worn with Indian bridal jewellery sets. Although it has a lot of parts, you can get a multipurpose necklace that matches most of your earrings. Simply insert the Ser into the pin at the end of your ear piercing, and then close the earring. To really provide support, pin the string at the end that is higher up on your hair.

4. Switch to lightweight jewellery

Switching to lightweight earrings can give you the look you want without compromising your comfort. You can find a wide range of earrings made from hollow wood, as well as lightweight options that you will be able to wear for long periods. Instead of wearing heavy earrings made from heavy materials, you can wear lightweight alternatives like clay, plastic, and light wood. Switch to lightweight earrings so your ears don’t hurt. You can include large earrings in your design with lightweight materials. However, you should avoid side pain by choosing oversized earrings. Lightweight earrings in Indian bridal jewellery sets are now available, making them easier to wear and manage.

5. You can wear your earrings for short periods

You might consider changing your mind if the techniques make you feel uncomfortable. Wear thick earrings for a brief time to avoid excessive pain. The earrings will pull more if you wear them for longer periods of time. You should plan your event carefully because heavy earrings are best worn for only a few hours.

Before you do any activity, make sure your earrings are removed. Removing your top, for example, can cause your earring to snap or yank. Exercising while wearing large earrings could also be a reason. For toddlers,

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