What are Feminized Seeds and Why Are They Important?

Human beings have developed many ideas over the years to increase agricultural productivity. Although cannabis has only been legalized for a limited time, great strides have been made to increase the popularity of cannabinoids. The production of cannabis seeds that are unique in their yield is one area that has seen great progress. We will be discussing feminized hemp seeds and their importance for average users.

What does mean?

Feminized seeds can also be called a female seed. These seeds only produce female plants. Growers can manipulate the genetics of the seeds to induce the production of feminized seed. Contrary to popular belief, this is because male plants are usually known as pollen-producing species. However, cannabis female plants can be genetically modified to produce pollen. When the pollen is made, it only contains the female chromosome. Pollination will now only produce feminized seed.

What is the difference between feminized and auto-flowering seeds?

Cannabis seeds need to be exposed to light in order for them to flower. The auto-flowering seeds don’t need to be in the light phase. You can have a seed that is both autoflowering or feminized. Feminized seeds can be auto-flowering, but not always.

Is there any guarantee that you’ll get only female plants out of feminized seeds.

As with all things scientific, you can’t guarantee that you’ll grow only female plants from feminized seeds. Every once in a while, there is a chance that a feminized male seed will produce a male plant. You should be a keen gardener. Keep an eye on your plants as they grow. If you find male species, or plants that are developing pollen sacs, you need to remove them from your garden.

The benefits of feminized seed

Both growers and users love feminized seeds for their many benefits. It is generally not obvious that feminized seeds perform better than regular haze sativa seed. There are several benefits to feminized seed that are worth mentioning. You can maximize your yield by selling feminized seed. Male plants are often unusable, so only planting female plants ensures that your entire yield is usable. You won’t have to worry about male plants accidentally pollinating your plants. Feminization of seeds prevents the growth of male plants, which can often be counterproductive.


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