What is Football? Rules of the Game and Principles of Football

Learn about What is dusty football? will help you have interesting information about this form of sport. Football is not as large-scale and has as many fans as professional football, but it is also very unique. This paragraph, New88 It will help everyone understand better.
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What is dusty football?

Football, also known as amateur football or recreational football. This is a form of football often called “village pond” and does not belong to the system of large clubs or professional tournaments.

Unlike professional football, football does not require high technical, physical or tactical expertise. Instead, it focuses on bringing joy, relaxation and satisfying football passion to participating players. So you understand what football is.

We can mention that soccer matches are friendly matches between schools, districts, between administrative agencies, etc. In general, any soccer match that takes place is organized but not on a professional staff. then that is rubbish football.

Football history dusted

Now that you understand what football is, what is its origin? Football comes from the need to entertain and express the passion for football of amateur players. Initially, it was just spontaneous football matches, without any rules, even playing without players and against the rules.

However, this form quickly developed in the community and became a more structured, regulated style of football. There is no evidence to record the birth date of football, but we all know it has been around for a long time.

Up to now, this form of football competition has developed much more. Although it is still just an amateur way of playing soccer, its properties are extremely impressive. Not only are the rules of the game strict, but the scale of organization is also getting better and better.

What are the characteristics of football?

Football has its own characteristics. You can refer to the information below to see those characteristics:


Unlike high-pressure professional football, football focuses on fun and relaxation. Players join to enjoy fun and exciting moments on the field with friends or teammates.

Flexible lineup

The special feature of football is the diversity of the squad. Players do not need to have professional techniques or outstanding physical strength. Everyone, from beginners to experienced players, can participate and contribute to the appeal of the game.


You are learning what soccer is, you will see that this form of soccer has a very high team spirit. People can bond together for entertainment. The lineup between the two sides can even be swapped if desired. This is a characteristic of elite football that professional football tournaments cannot have.

What are the rules of soccer?

The rules of soccer are often flexible and adapted to suit non-professional environments. In this article about what football is, we will find out with New88:
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Number of participants

Normally, a soccer match will have 7 participants on each team. However, because it is amateur soccer, the number of players can increase according to the agreement of the two teams.

Time to play football

When learning what football is, people will be very interested in the playing time. With the flexibility of this form of sport, we can see a match lasting from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Depending on the agreement in each match, people have the right to play like professional football or shorten the time.

What is the scoring method in soccer?

Usually the score is calculated by scoring the number of goals scored in the opponent’s net. The higher score after the end of the match will win. In addition, this scoring method may also change if that match takes place

Referee decisions

Just like referees in professional football, in professional football, they also have maximum authority. Players on the field must strictly comply with all decisions of the referee. They will be the ones regulating the match and have the right to make the final decision.

Referees in football often have a flexible attitude and respect the entertaining nature of the match. They will intervene less than in a professional match and strive to maintain a fair and safe situation for all players.

Bet on football

Even though they are only amateur soccer matches, soccer is still included in the bookmaker’s betting list. Everyone can see that in some reputable betting units, there will be bets for certain football matches.

In essence, the bets are quite diverse, but not as many as professional football matches. In addition, not all bookmakers integrate this form of betting for this type of football, so you need to consult first.


Above, we have learned in quite detail What is dusty football?, what are the features and rules of the game? New88 I hope that through this article, people will better understand this form of sport and have an interesting entertainment process.

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