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Discover the Warmth: DREO’s Electric Small Heaters

DREO is committed to providing comfort and innovation in the field of smart appliances. Among their stellar lineup, the DREO heater series stands out, and the Atom 316 Space Heater is a testament to their commitment to warmth and efficiency. Packed with advanced features, including Hyperamics™ technology and a new heat funnel design, the Atom 316 Space Heater offers a compact, portable, and easy-to-carry solution for personalized warmth.

Effortless Heating in Compact Design

DREO’s electric small heaters redefine the way we experience warmth. The Atom 316 Space Heater, only priced at $39.99 USD, boasts a compact design that effortlessly fits into any space. Its Hyperamics™ advanced 1500W system ensures efficient heating, making it an ideal companion for chilly days.

DREO’s Energy Efficiency Unveiled

Discover the energy-efficient marvel of DREO’s electric small heaters, also energy efficient space heaters. The Atom 316 Space Heater features a 41-95°F digital thermostat with ±1℉ increments, allowing users to customize their comfort. With three modes, including Power Heat, ECO, and Fan Only, DREO’s energy efficient space heater prioritizes energy efficiency without compromising on warmth.

Tailored Warmth for Every Nook: Small Space Heaters

DREO’s small space heaters, exemplified by the Atom 316, provide tailored warmth for every nook of your living space. The inclusion of a 1-12h off timer, overheat protection, and tip-over protection ensures not just warmth but also safety. Elevate your comfort with DREO’s compact wonders, delivering big on warmth in the smallest spaces. DREO’s small space heaters give you the fastest warmth possible.


In conclusion, DREO’s commitment to innovation shines through in their electric small heaters, like the Atom 316 Space Heater, which is also an energy efficient space heater. Embrace warmth, efficiency, and portability with DREO’s compact wonders, ensuring a cozy and comfortable living space.

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